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Dear friends,    My name is Melanie Ward. I fell 15 ft. while serving in the military Dec. of 1989.  For 25 years, I continued to degenerate in my spine leading up to 3 herniated discs (PRESENTLY), DDD, spinal stenosis, foraminal stenosis, radiculopathy, retrolisthesius, scoliosis, arthritis of the spine and facet joint disease.  I lost mobility with my right arm in 2004; which, led to a cervical bi-level fusion in March of 2005.  In the midst of this struggle I did manage to acquire a BIO/CHEM degree with a concentration of DNA FORENSICS.  With my degree, I became a Quality Control Lab Tech synthesizing over 250 products.  My hands were too weak to open the lids and/or my right arm was painfully frozen to my side accompanied with difficulty breathing.  I lost the job in 2010.  I then became a phlebotomist at a hospital where I loved making people smile.  Again, my back was winning; even though, I was taking 3 vicoden, 9 gabapentins and 3 cyclobenzeprines, I was in extreme pain.  Due to all of these drugs, I caught myself before making big mistakes in the hospital.  My boss ordered me one day to not come to work for 5 days.  I responded by telling her that I could come to work.  She said, “Melanie you can hardly move.  I have had several nurses come to me concerned for you.”  However, upon my return, I left in tears for the pain was way too much.  I called my Dr. who told me it was time to give up work.  I was denied disability; so again, I tried to work part time as a host at Red Lobster. My 2- 4 hours, 20 hours a week soon had me in tears again.  The pain in my lower back, legs, and hips was too much again. I was also having a hard time controlling my legs. I progressively got worse and soon my arms were so weak that I could not even pull apart zip lock bags.  I remember the frustration and the horror.  What should my future hold?  I almost fell out my bedroom window twice; Because, when I would get out of bed my legs were as jello.  When I went into the hospital for my 2nd bi-level fusion in January 2013 I was disconnected from the monitor; Because,  my heart rate and lungs were too slow alarming the monitors constantly.   


In May of 2015, I moved to Michigan to a new home.  I was in so much pain I was wondering if I could handle a home.  Being in company with others was something I no longer wanted to do; because, while sitting at a table and looking left to right in conversation my pain would increase throughout my neck and head.  I could literally hear my neck crunch with each turn of my head.  Every moment was exhausting, every thought was spent trying to figure out what I could do; or what I shouldn’t do, to lower my pain levels.  I remember picking up the crock pot and having such instant pain in my head and neck.  Or, when I reached for my cup of coffee sharp pains would shoot through my shoulder blade areas.  Every breath would bring on the same.

I was a medical mess; For every 6 months for the past 3 years, I have had biopsies of my breast with recommendations to follow through with future biopsies.  My breast hurt so bad; when I removed my bra, the pain was excruciating. They could not be touched; nor, could they move.  I had also been treated two times with liquid nitrogen on my lips. I wore lipstick all the time; And, I now know that there are 24 toxic ingredients in a tube of lipstick including lead.  In May, my lips were on fire again.  They would bleed, crack and fissures would grow on them.  Elsie Stotzfus sent me the Fire and Ice Tea and coffee from Sisel International.  I instantly had energy.  I immediately became a distributor.  The coffee alone lowered my pain thresh holds enough to throw away all my pain killers and discontinue the spinal injections.  My lip pain and my breast pain left my body.  Meanwhile, my Dr. informed me in June of 2015, that it was time for a bone marrow biopsy.  But, they would wait one month and draw my blood again.  My heart sank; However, I thought maybe the coffee would help that too and it did.  One month later when my blood was drawn in August of 2015 I was out of the danger zone.  In two months, my coffee and fire and ice tea were paid for just by simply sharing the products and my story.  My next purchase was the Renovator, a joint supplement that Sisel makes.  Within two months, the pain from my hips, lower back, knees, burning shins, collapsing ankles, my frostbitten toes were gone; and, my neck no longer crunched. After incorporating the fucoydan in my regimen, my endometrial pain and my fibroid tumor was gone.  I have had no Shingles since using these products.  So, my passion is to share these vastly superior products way above anything you have never tried!!! What Dr.’s could not fix; (Sisel didn’t heal me totally)  But, I can get out of my recliner, cook, clean and get on my horse again and go for walks in the beautiful country


Melanie Ward